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Join one of our face to face or on-line virtual peer led groups in a friendly and welcoming environment, managed by people who’ve been where you are and understand the challenges. Engage with dedicated support from our staff and volunteers and take part in activities that will help you to a better quality of life.

Our activities are created and led by you, so tell us what you want and get involved!

Examples of activities include:

Allotment Projects

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Cooking on a Budget

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 Arts Groups

Community Cinema

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For more information, you can contact us using the contact form here on the website or by calling us on 01772 821440.

Staff Member on the L&D Team, 2022

My name is Daniel and I am an ex offender and have spent time in a rehab due to my drinking. I am currently a Peer Support Worker employed by Red Rose Recovery. Soon I will be moving on to become a Release Engagement Practitioner with the NHS. I would like to tell you about

Training, 2020

I was very scared at the start but as getting through the day I grew and became more confident in speaking I’m still a little shaky but in time I think that it will go away, and the things said were very powerful and moving. I thought my story wasn’t anything special and that I

Service User, Women’s Group, 2022

I have been an alcoholic for the past 20 years. Something that crept up on me gradually. I had a rough few years and used alcohol as a crutch, it took over my life and I couldn’t function. I managed periods of sobriety using will power. I have tried Inspire, Alcoholics Anonymous also stayed in

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I found the course really good and it certainly helped me through a troubled time and it has given me knowledge and understanding to make me a better person in the future.

Training, 2020

Very amazing, good wellbeing different levels of understanding. U learnt so much and can put the work into practice. I know what I want to be in life work with people who are getting through struggles. Anything I can do to heal others, my energy and positive out there.

Training, 2020

I was nervous from the beginning, especially. When I was told I’d be videoed on the first presentation. I struggled to do the first 2 minutes as I ran out of what to say. But with good constructive comments from Emma and other participants I felt better. I liked the way quick sessions were done,

Volunteer, 2017

My Recovery Coach helped me to believe in myself and gave me the inspiration, support and confidence to move forward. When my coaching ended I felt that I had a real purpose in life and wanted to continue helping other people along with my own recovery. I went on to complete the Recovery Coach training

LUF Lounge Live, June 2020

I am a member of Red Rose Recovery and this has been my first time connecting with the LUF Lounge. It has been the best thing I have ever done and I will never look back. Hearing people’s stories, how far people have come, how there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Student Placement from Buddies Visit, July 2019

I first joined Red Rose Recovery as the volunteer counsellor, doing placement there for my University Degree. I was given the opportunity to visit a local prison and meet some of the people who are there. I found this experience to be emotional and wonderful in the same breath. I became emotional at the stories

Service User, 2021

I have got my son back! Thank you for all the support. I love Red Rose and the women’s meeting and other groups I attend, I’ve got something from each and everyone of them and you have all helped me so much and pushed me to keep going – such inspiration from you all, I

Staff, New You Lead, 2021

I was released from HMP in 2018 to a supported accommodation with no structure but with a passion to want help people like myself who suffer from addiction, homelessness, mental health and much more. I had already had contact with Red Rose Recovery whilst in HMP and was told that there was support outside in

Service User, 2018

I came to Preston, straight out of rehab because I was told Preston had a good recovery network. I needed to be around people and importantly, people in recovery. I was shown the inspire building on my first day. It looked welcoming and bright, I was rushed off though by my housing agent to the

Family Member, 2020

I would like to thank every one that has been involved with my son, I am his Mum and I couldn’t of done this without you all. I am so proud of how he has come out on top because once he was so ill. I want to thank Inspire and Red Rose and how

Training, 2020

I found it really hard, scary and had a lump of anxiety in my throat and my stomach all day but this afternoon I’ve been bowled over and honoured with such inspirations. Glad I was here and thankful, I will practice on these skills.

Service User, 2022

I’m now working and got a proper job, moving to a nicer bigger flat next month and seeing my daughter again soon. Thank you so much for what you did for me on that day on 2nd September 2021, it saved my life and my family’s life. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am

September 2020

Dear Staff Member, I just wanted to say thank you again for today. I really found your story so inspiring and was so touched that I could be part of this afternoons session too. It was lovely to meet you and I hope that we will be able to meet in person in the future.

Service User, 2021

I was released from prison in January 2020 after serving a 7-year sentence. In the twelve months since that date Red Rose Recovery have been integral to my progress. I have found both staff and fellow members to be supportive and non-judgemental. The nature of the support I get from this organisation derives from a

Hope & Beyond, 2021

Amongst bills and demands for payment was a certificate from the Hope and Beyond programme which gave me a real lift. Thank you.

Volunteer, 2021

I came to Red Rose Recovery as a volunteer to gain some understanding of recovery as part of my psychology studies. I was put to work quickly planning and organising, which has helped the head office structure. I have gained skills and experience that I hadn’t considered prior to coming to Red Rose. I am

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a coach so far. In this cohort I have managed to build a fantastic rapport with my coachee and feel that I have really supported her through the course. I have got to know my coachee on a good level, and I have been able to use my

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have found being part of the leadership program an invaluable experience. It is truly heart-warming to see that such a place exists, and it has been wonderful to have a glimpse of the Red Rose Project and how it operates. Being a coach has been very rewarding for me and it has been really

Training, 2020

Grown in experience and confident talking about my recovery and my part of being a member of Red Rose Recovery.

Training, 2020

My feedback from Emma was truth and positivity what I have taken from it was more hope and inspiration. I am worthy I can rise up like an eagle and most importantly for me is to get rid of the chicken is in my life. An inspirational real talking group and truth has power in

Kath, Adullam Programme (Lancaster), 2022

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for inviting Adullam to the LUF meeting last week. It was so great to see so many people in the room cheering one another on and what an energy there was – we really do recover better together! You and the team

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I attended the hope and beyond course because I was struggling with my mental wellbeing and it was suggested to me that it may help. To be honest, I wasn’t holding much hope. We as a group very slowly over a few weeks worked on thoughts emotions and behaviours, and I am going to be

Service User, 2022

Fabulous to see all the lads engaging in a positive manner, happy to talk to each other and Scott from Red Rose Recovery. What a positive part of rehabilitation at the Skylark centre!

Volunteer, July 2019

What brought you here? How did you hear about Red Rose Recovery? “I began at RRR as a volunteer, quickly being taken on as a lead volunteer. I have been given an opportunity to visit a local prison as a buddy for the prison buddy scheme and have done this twice, as well as visiting

Service User, 2022

Beneficial because Scott and the team listen. They are not judgemental and have experiences what I am going through, Red Rose helped me by talking about the effects of drug misuse and how it effects my mental health.

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have found the course very enjoyable! I have learnt so much from the experience and it has been so beneficial to me.  It has give me an insight into the journey of a recovering addict and ways in which I can support them. The course was really good and Tracey also really enjoyed it.

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I would like to say a big thank you, for putting me forward for this course. It has helped me identify my emotions. I am new in my recovery and I used my addiction to suppress my feelings. Doing the course help me identify between thinking and feeling, which has helped me understand ways to

Leadership Participant, 2021

This course has been a journey for me as I was a manager in one of my previous roles and due to alcohol abuse and a diagnosis with mental health, anxiety and depression I gave up on myself and could no longer cope. I also had lost confidence in every aspect of my working life and honestly thought I was useless to the world. The

Leadership Coach, 2021

The Remote sessions were SO much FUN! Everyone is so friendly kind and respectful. The whole project was super exciting and was delivered with high quality. The Red Rose Recovery Project helped me a lot as a mentor and as an individual. I wanted to help and make a difference. I thought it would be

Training, 2020

Although I did not stand up in the final assessment, I still feel like an eagle! Today has opened my eyes to the art of speaking. I didn’t think id be able to stand up at all. Thanks for your time spent with us today. When I have enough to say I will say it.

Service User, 2020

I have been a prolific shoplifter since I was 14 and I entered the CJS when I was 16. I have been in treatment all my life and have only ever attended any kind of group work if I was made to in prison. I have never attended any groups in the community or ever

Mens & Womens Groups, 2021

What I get out of these zoom meetings is a sense of community and watching people grow, they all have a purpose and it is important to have purpose. I would not be here if it wasn’t for these meetings. Hoping that I can keep going to groups, it has really helped me during my

Volunteer, September 2019

What brought you here?  How did you hear about Red Rose Recovery? I came to Red Rose as a student studying Counselling. I started with Red Rose doing voluntary counselling whilst I completed my degree. I am still here and enjoying my time working closely with both staff and clients.  My clients with Red Rose

Service User, April 2020

My youngest son has severe mental health issues and I no longer work on a community project I was with. Sad but it happens. No longer being in work has had massive impact on myself and my own health. During this pandemic my daughter moved myself and my teenage sons into her house, so we

Volunteer, 2017

I am so grateful to Red Rose Recovery for the opportunity for me to be involved in such a fantastic project. Since day one I have learned so much and will continue to learn new skills with plastering and plumbing and the opportunity to make new friends has been a massive bonus. This is the

Volunteer, October 2019

What brought you here? How did you hear about Red Rose Recovery? I needed to start connecting with people who were putting their recovery first. I heard about RRR through different organisations that I attended on a voluntarily basics. How has Red Rose Recovery helped you? I attended the 1day course speaker boot camp, I

From a Family Member, November 2020

The story of my daughters battle with addiction and its effect on the family started many years ago but it is only in the past 18 to 20 months that I have really started to understand the reasons for her dependence on alcohol. As a family we had gone through every conceivable emotion imaginable. After

Annonymous, November 2020

When I first joined Red Rose, I was apprehensive. I wondered how it would work and how other people could help me an make me feel welcome. I joined my first zoom meeting without my camera on and just sat and listened. I think I did that for my first 2 meetings. However, by my

Lancaster Allotment (Ambleside Road Allotments), 2022

I would like to say a big thank you to the following organisations that helped out on the allotment this week, so if you see them on site please introduce yourselves and say hello. Red Rose Recovery: Sarah O, Donna M, Kaitlyn G, Freddie Cancer Care: Sarah, Chris, Margaret, Angie, Sarah D, Shelly, Patsie, John, Hilary The

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have really enjoyed taking part in the leadership course. I found it very beneficial in the sense of getting to support someone who needed support and was confident but needed reassurance. These sessions helped my mentee to obtain a grasp of financial applications and interpersonal skills. My mentee had a professional career for a

Leadership Coach, 2021

I signed up for the leadership program with the idea that I could help someone progress through a challenging time and support them in getting ready to get back in to work. What I didn’t expect was that I would gain friends, that I would learn something about myself, as well as learn about the

Service User, 2022

It’s early days for me yet as this is only my second session but all the feedback from the Service Users seems positive and encouraging. I will come again. It’s good to have time to talk about my addiction/substance use in an impartial and non-judgmental way, and to get professional support. The group meetings are

Volunteer, 2020

I was in the cells after being arrested and I was introduced to Red Rose Recovery. I am currently working towards being a lead volunteer with the New You Team (RRR). I am also under the probation service and have no intention of re-offending. I attend all the groups that are on offer and feel

Women’s Group, September 2020

Thank you so much I didn’t think something like this would have made such a difference. All the women are amazing and inspirational, it gives me hope that I didn’t have before, so thank you.

Service User, 2021

 I am a female on a life licence with probation. I have been involved with probation on and off since I was 12 years old. I have struggled with addiction for what seems like my whole life until recently after being released from prison for the 3rd time. This time I went straight into a

Service User, 2018

I would like to thank the staff at Red Rose Recovery for all their help over recent months. They are the most caring organisation who have chaired recovery meetings, made counselling recommendations and most recently helped me find housing when I was at a loss of what to do. A special mention should go to

Families Group, September 2020

These family groups are a blessing and Red Rose Recovery are amazing and our the best advocate’s for these groups. Red Rose should be doing these groups world wide. The support I get from the family groups is outstanding and gives me hope. They also gives me a safe place to speak and not be

Lancaster Farms, 2018

The visitors stayed for the whole session and in the words of one of the group peers, ‘I was blown away’. It made Recovery ‘real’. As 3 of the Red Rose volunteers had been acquaintances with some of the group on previous sentences. The visit has inspired the group to ‘have what they have’. Summed

Service User, 2022

Hello, I’m a patient on the Skylark unit. Just wanted to say thanks to Scott from Red Rose Recovery for helping me and the lads. We never get judged; Red Rose has made a difference in my life. I love having Scott’s support he is really understanding – things in my personal life I have

Service User, 2022

Red Rose Recovery has helped me to talk about drug problems and anything else I want to discuss. Scott is supportive and easy to talk to. Red Rose Recovery has helped me learn a lot. If I struggled, I would know where to get help!