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I endured a severe case of COVID-19, despite having received three vaccinations prior to contracting the virus. It resulted in a lengthy hospitalization of three months, including two stays in Critical Care. During this time, I suffered from pneumonia and renal failure, with only a small portion of my lung functioning. The medical staff even warned me to prepare for the worst, telling me to say goodbye to my children. However, I received exceptional care from the NHS.

Fortunately, I managed to survive, but now I face the challenges of long COVID. I experience health issues such as brain fog, episodes of acute fatigue, and mobility issues. It can be frustrating to constantly pace myself.

Amidst all of this, I have found invaluable support from Orla and Emily through Red Rose Recovery. In addition to dealing with long COVID, I have other ongoing stresses and issues to cope with, particularly related to my ex-husband, who is a cruel and controlling man residing in France. His behavior has created numerous financial problems for me.

Throughout it all, Orla and Emily have been incredibly supportive and have provided me with much-needed assistance. I truly appreciate their kindness, professionalism, positivity, and common-sense approach. My life continues to present ongoing challenges, but with the help of Red Rose Recovery, it has become slightly more manageable. I am sincerely grateful to Orla and Emily, as they have played a vital role in my recovery and rehabilitation. I wholeheartedly recommend both Orla and Emily, and Red Rose Recovery.