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I began attending a Red Rose Recovery group in July 2022, eager to start my recovery journey. This was my first encounter with a lived experience recovery organization, and it captivated me from the start. I had lost myself and my health, struggling with addiction for about six months. My previous life involved fitness and even training others, a stark contrast to my current situation.

After multiple health scares and warnings, I was placed in a dedicated support area. There, I met representatives from the organization, who offered me guidance and support. I participated in their weekly group meetings, and they quickly became a source of hope and motivation for me.

During my journey, I completed various courses, focusing on community development and understanding trauma. These experiences helped me recognize past experiences and build the skills to advocate for myself and others.

I also participated in a public speaking program, gaining the confidence to share my story and inspire others. This culminated in a presentation where I delivered a powerful message of hope and perseverance, encouraging individuals to never give up on their journey.

Red Rose Recovery has invested time and energy in me, providing me with the focus and hope I lacked before. After my release, I aspire to inspire others through my own story and contribute to positive change.

I am currently in a coaching program, further solidifying my recovery foundation before my parole hearing.