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What brought you here? How did you hear about Red Rose Recovery?

I needed to start connecting with people who were putting their recovery first. I heard about RRR through different organisations that I attended on a voluntarily basics.

How has Red Rose Recovery helped you?

I attended the 1day course speaker boot camp, I have started going to the Tuesday group, 5 ways to well-being, I attend the yoga every 2nd Thursday. RRR has helped me realise that I can have aims & goals. It’s ok to be vulnerable and ask for help.

What positive outcomes have you achieved since you first engaged with Red Rose?

I received my certificate for attending speaker boot camp, I have met new people, a couple have now become friends & I’m going to be engaging with activities at Saltayre, enjoying the yoga class. This engaging is massive for me & is key to my recovery.

What other services have you linked in with since you first engaged with Red Rose?

Inspire CGL, Strawberryfields, Macmillans. ST Thomas church.

What do you now have in your life?

i have a few people who are close to me who I now appreciate, I am grateful that I have a place to live that I call home. I have what I need. I have a life, I am able to enjoy my life. It’s the little things that count most. Friendship, kindness, understanding. I’m starting to believe in myself.

What do you still want to achieve?

To make a difference, to help people, mental health, Addiction, to care for people who have been diagnosed with a disease.