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I started 7 months ago with a major alcohol addiction of which I thought I was down and out then I met Lisa my recovery worker. Well, I was out of control with amounts and thought I was going to pass. Here I am 7 months later, and I haven’t touched a drop since. My brother has been drinking still in front of me and I thought I was losing it at first then finally I hit 3 months without and getting told I look well comments off people around me. It was and still is building my confidence really fast and I feel 100% better than I did when I started packing in the drink and rebuilding my life.

Couldn’t have done it without Lisa by my side and coming to see me as I was bedbound. She is ace, she has really turned my life around and I honestly think I couldn’t have quit for good, but I am aware of relapse, and it scares me to be honest, but I got Lisa to kick my ass and she has done more than I thought she would. She sorted all my issues with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and she has also got Together Housing quickly to repair all repairs and 7 month later and a lot is changing and that feeling believe me works to strive you forward and forgetting about the past. She deserves respect as she is also dealing with her own issues, and I know I’m a pain because I text morning, noon and night but always answers when back in the office. I hope she can help you achieve what you think you have lost and look forward to your own futures I would definitely give Red Rose a ring and ask for Lisa because I know she will find the time to help you.