The Recovery Round-Up Blog

My 12 Steps for survival

This week, Recovery Round-Up welcomes its very first guest blogpost! In it, Red Rose Recovery member Stephen shares his 12 tips for cultivating a meaningful, purposeful life after addiction, outlining ...
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Tackling the Myths Surrounding Addiction and Recovery

Addiction is a subject which elicits strong feelings, opinions, and responses – and, like any emotive and controversial topic, it has become a magnet for misconceptions, distortions, fabrications and outright ...
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Our Recovery Round-Up Blog is Going Live!

Welcome to the very first edition of our shiny new blog, The Recovery Round-Up: a delicious smorgasbord of recovery-related morsels served up fresh on the first Tuesday of every month, ...
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About the Recovery Round Up Blog

The vision for the blog is to open up a space where those in and around our community can share stories, explore ideas, highlight issues, and celebrate successes. People in, or working towards, recovery from substance misuse are diverse – there is no typical ‘person in recovery’ – so we want to ensure that our blog content reflects that by keeping conditions and guidelines to a minimum: the only requirement is that the article is in some way recovery-related. Future posts could, for example, draw attention to a new project or initiative in the localities we work in; celebrate individual stories of recovery and transformation; examine a recent news story, government report or policy announcement concerning drugs or alcohol; profile one of the many unsung heroes in our community quietly doing amazing work without fanfare; offer guidance, advice and hope to those seeking, or new to, recovery; or showcase an individual’s talent for poetry or creative writing.

Blogs offer the opportunity to take a deeper look at issues, concerns, developments and debates, and have a potentially global audience. While our work on the ground is focused on Lancashire, our voices need not be limited by geography – they can be heard across continents and oceans. Our hope is that our little biweekly blog will bring nuance and compassion to questions of addiction and recovery which are all too frequently misunderstood and over-simplified, often in ways which reinforce stereotypes or amplify stigma.

The success of this venture depends on people being willing to make their voices heard, so please consider contributing. It is not necessary to be an experienced or confident writer: we can assist with that side of things as much or as little as needed. If you have an idea, big or small, serious or light-hearted, please contact / 0737 555 8075.