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Red Rose Recovery has been supporting me over the past 15 months. I have complex PTSD and schizophrenia, coupled with substance misuse and self-medicating. Lisa come to visit me at home as I was struggling to engage with face-to-face groups. In fact, I was in crisis with my mental health conditions and Lisa recognised this. Lisa never gave up on me because she saw that I was acutely unwell and struggling to engage normally. This perseverance and frequent contact from Lisa made me feel like I wasn’t a lost cause, and worth helping when I was at my worst. Lisa’s presence is quietly confident reassuring and non-judgemental, which enabled me to trust and open up to her.

This year has been very difficult for me in regards to my housing situation. I have had to go to court three times now as my landlord tried to evict me for outstanding rent arrears. I do not have the support of my family as they are not accepting of mental health. Lisa enabled me to go to court and supported me with this difficult time. Understandably I was distraught attending court the first time and Lisa’s strong, confident manner reassured me I can get through it. Lisa supported me attending court a further two times. Which in the end court worked out in my favour. Without Lisa’s unwavering support my outcome no doubt would have been very different.

Lisa’s patience, careful observation of my mental state and of course laughter has been integral to my recovery. This testimonial is a true reflection of my experience with Lisa’s support and my experience with Red Rose.