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I came to Preston, straight out of rehab because I was told Preston had a good recovery network. I needed to be around people and importantly, people in recovery. I was shown the inspire building on my first day. It looked welcoming and bright, I was rushed off though by my housing agent to the town hall to organise my housing allowance.

Over the next few weeks I came to inspire for various groups as a service user. I found that by far the most active and helpful organisation working there was Red Rose Recovery. Through the Red Rose groups, I quickly made friends. This was so very important to me because isolation has previously been a contributing factor to relapses in the past. The staff at Red Rose were so very welcoming, friendly and encouraging. One arranged 1 to 1 counselling for me which proved to be very beneficial to my recovery and another, as well being inspiration on legs, helped me practically too. I was struggling at the house I shared, and he arranged for great accommodation at another recovery organisation.

As I write, I am waiting to facilitate a peer lead group. I have progressed so far since arriving in a new environment. Much of this is down to Red Rose Recovery and their staff. I would like to thank them will all my heart.