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What brought you here?  How did you hear about Red Rose Recovery?

I came to Red Rose as a student studying Counselling. I started with Red Rose doing voluntary counselling whilst I completed my degree. I am still here and enjoying my time working closely with both staff and clients.  My clients with Red Rose are so important and having the opportunity to work with them has really helped me to better my practice and hopefully made a real difference in their lives.

How has Red Rose Recovery helped you?

Red Rose has helped me to develop my skills as a counsellor and improve my knowledge around Drugs and Alcohol. They have helped me gain confidence in my role and have also offered me multiple opportunities to develop within the organisation.

What positive outcomes have you achieved since you first engaged with Red Rose?

From working with Red Rose I have developed relationships with other services that work along side them in their mission to help better people’s lives. From these relationships and opportunities I have been able to secure myself a job within the sector with another organisation that works with Red Rose.

What other services have you linked in with since you first engaged with Red Rose?

I have worked with CGL and had experience with Recovery Homes. 

What do you now have in your life?

A clearer understanding of drug and alcohol abuse and the physical and mental impacts these have on people. I have seen first-hand the people who make it possible for change and the care and unconditional regard they hold when working with others.  I have Red Rose to thank for a lot over the last few months they have helped me gain employment and a higher education qualification. 

What do you still want to achieve?

I want to improve my skills further and build greater relationships with service users. Red Rose will help me achieve this. Staff within Red Rose will pour all their resources into helping people get to where they want to be. The only thing they ask is that you’re committed. Red Rose and it’s staff are always looking for ways to improve their service and will always welcome feedback – of which I have also offered. I am not going to claim they are perfect as various factors will impact on their abilities on occasion but what I will say is they are an organisation that genuinely cares and wants the best for its service users. For me that’s the reason I have stayed with them and will continue to offer my assistance for as long as it is wanted.