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I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a coach so far. In this cohort I have managed to build a fantastic rapport with my coachee and feel that I have really supported her through the course. I have got to know my coachee on a good level, and I have been able to use my own personal experiences in life to assist her with the difficult time that she has been experiencing in her personal life.

From my first meeting with my coachee, I have seen a dramatic change in her out look on life and have seen her go from strength to strength gaining more confidence as each week progresses. I can see the impact that Red Rose recovery has had on her life and she should be so proud of her achievements. Gaining employment with Red Rose I feel has been a massive turning point in her journey and I would say that It has been a massive privilege to get to work with my coachee in this cohort.

Not only has the course been good for the participants but I feel it has also been a fantastic development opportunity for the coaches too. I hope to remain as a coach for any future cohorts and would love to keep in touch with my coachee once we have finished this current cohort to see her continue to blossom as she gains more confidence due to her achievements.