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What I get out of these zoom meetings is a sense of community and watching people grow, they all have a purpose and it is important to have purpose. I would not be here if it wasn’t for these meetings.

Hoping that I can keep going to groups, it has really helped me during my isolation period over these last few weeks.

Biggest part for me was when I came out of detox last Feb and being forced into lock down. When they first started it was my life line, they have now grown and they are on a daily basis, if I never had zoom or the meetings I wouldn’t be here. I can reach out and connect, I am still learning and I can still help people, the biggest thing for me is connection.

I think the women’s group has helped me so much, I am really looking forward to my detox and all these ladies will be here for me afterwards. Thank you so much.

I joined this group whilst I was still drinking, they have given me so much encouragement and I am now on detox and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened, I appreciate everything these girls do for me.

I just think it’s a brilliant place to connect with strong women I think, when you first come on the group they are so welcoming the facilitation is brilliant and it always makes me smile it doesn’t matter what I’m going through but then it’s also taken seriously and you get the support you need on group and after group. So, I am truly grateful and thankful for this platform as well and it’s a good space to be able to talk about women’s stuff privately.

I really look forward to the women’s group, it is serious and everyone is so supportive but we have such a laugh.

This group has done me the world of good, I was in such a mess. I was really quiet. This women’s group has empowered me so much, I try not to miss one group, its really friendly and no one judges you. Thank you so much.

The women’s group are absolutely amazing, you can come on no matter what the problem if your happy or sad or got things going on, the support around you is amazing, the empowerment and uplift that these women give you each and every week has really brought me out of my shell. It taught me to be who I am and to accept myself. The hard work you do and the platform you facilitate is amazing, thank you so much.

I love this group, I don’t know where I would be without this group they check in on me. I have made some amazing friends. Thank you.