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I came to Red Rose Recovery as a volunteer to gain some understanding of recovery as part of my psychology studies. I was put to work quickly planning and organising, which has helped the head office structure. I have gained skills and experience that I hadn’t considered prior to coming to Red Rose. I am gaining transferrable skills in terms of Human Resources and the running of the organisation and it’s structure, but I am also observing the roles of team leaders and volunteers. I get involved with service users and support training by helping set up and have even helped out with the creation, contributing ideas by using the psychology knowledge I already have.

The key thing I have gained from this role is the sense of community, everyone has been so welcoming and so supportive that it feels almost like I’ve gained a new family. I will be returning to my studies in the coming weeks but I will remain with Red Rose Recovery and will continue to support both the organisation and my own development. I am now determined to tackle awareness of recovery as part of my studies and will be contacting my high school and college to build greater awareness and education around this matter using the contacts and relationships I already have.