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I was released from HMP in 2018 to a supported accommodation with no structure but with a passion to want help people like myself who suffer from addiction, homelessness, mental health and much more. I had already had contact with Red Rose Recovery whilst in HMP and was told that there was support outside in the community. I gravitated towards Red Rose Recovery because of their non-judgemental approach and their life experience within the individuals I had spoken to. I started showing consistency and to volunteer because I was told I was worth it and I had people believing in me that I could do what I said I wanted to do this was the first time this had happened to me.

I volunteered for Red Rose Recovery for 3 months and then applied for a job and much to my surprise I got the job, I was a paid employer for Red Rose Recovery and I was over the moon, I couldn’t believe I now had a job.

Shortly after getting my part time job I was introduced to the New You Team. I learned about key performance indicators and many other things that I was oblivious to, not going to lie at the start I was definitely way out of my comfort zone but with the support of my colleagues I achieved my goals and became more confident.

I quickly realised I am great at engaging with others and really enjoy it. Red Rose Recovery gave me the opportunity and the platform to do what I am passionate about.

30 months later I am now empowering others to achieve their goals and always share where I have been and where I am today, I am still currently on probation and don’t get off it until later this year so it’s amazing that I am in the position that I am in and it’s a key tool to be able to show other service users that it a different life is 100% achievable

It’s my job now to contact new referrals and make them feel comfortable and to build common ground with them and ultimately to break down stigma, I encourage service users to get involved in the many groups and activities that we have available within the New You and to then get them a recovery support network, I have also built really great relationships with other organisation in the community to be able to signpost if necessary. We feed people, support them to gain employment, training and education and also through the pandemic we have got many people housed. Being a part of someone’s journey is a blessing and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity

Thanks to Red Rose Recovery I now have a life I now have a career and a FUTURE.