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“Our Lancashire is the Lancashire wide initiative to bring groups and communities together to make Lancashire a greater place to live work and play.

If you want to join a group, find help on how to set one up or just want to attend an event, this is place for you!

Supported by public services and organisations across Lancashire this is the one stop shop for groups and events.

Our Lancashire is much more than just a website and our ambition, to support local groups in Lancashire, is endless. We already know how fabulous groups are in Lancashire because we have been engaging with them for a very long time and we know what they contribute to local communities and how they make people feel. Whether it be running coffee mornings, looking after a local park, looking out for your neighbour, hosting a book club or running a community football team, we value what you bring and want to support the great work you do in putting a smile on peoples faces.

We aim to provide groups with a platform that enable them to network with other groups, attract interest for their events or encourage people to join. By bringing groups together in one place we think we can make Lancashire the social action capital of the UK.

Our Lancashire is free, we don’t charge any joining fee, any advertising fees or any commission, we are there as a free resource for the people of Lancashire.”

Join today.  It’s EASY and FREE.