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On Saturday, October 7th, the East Team headed to the Burnley Impact Centre, extending their support to the NHS. Setting up a stall, they aimed to showcase the incredible work of Red Rose Recovery and provide insight into their amazing charity. This event, strategically held for individuals receiving flu or COVID-19 vaccinations, presented a unique opportunity for engagement. Those waiting for their jabs had the chance to engage with the East Team, creating a bridge between the community and the services they offer.

The East Team’s presence at the event was met with enthusiasm, as they had the chance to connect with various local organisations. Notably, they established connections with the Police, Fire Brigade, Alzheimer’s Society, We Are With You, Up and Active, and, of course, the NHS. The collaboration was awesome, reflecting the community’s united efforts to support each other.

Just a week later, on October 14th, the East Team continued their active participation in community events. This time, they attended Padiham Town Hall, joining forces with a host of other dedicated services, including PAC (Positive Action in the Community), Lancashire Fire and Rescue, We Are With You, and the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. This gathering served as an excellent opportunity to widen their network and further promote the array of services available within the East Lancashire area.

These events underscore the East Team’s commitment to the community and their dedication to enhancing the quality of life in the region. Through collaboration and outreach, they continue to extend their support and ensure that their services remain accessible to those who need them most.