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Add to this piece of text in a simple way for an article. The community spirit was palpable on Thursday, May 2nd, as Tesco Burnley became the hub of fundraising efforts for the Way of the Roses event. Supporters gathered with enthusiasm, eager to contribute to the cause and make a difference. Gratitude fills the hearts of organizers as they extend a heartfelt thank you to Jetts Gym, REEL Cinema Burnley, Alexandra from Kutters, GAME, Central Kitchen in Burnley, The Works, and Little Barista in Burnley.

As conversations flowed and connections were forged, it became clear that this event was about more than just raising money—it was about building a stronger, more connected community. Whether through shared stories of past adventures or dreams of future challenges, bonds were formed that transcended the aisles of the supermarket. Together, they’ve taken a significant step towards making the Way of the Roses event a success, and their unity and generosity shine brightly as a beacon of hope for the future.