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The Roots Community Forum marked its 2-year anniversary with a spectacular celebration held at St Luke’s Church in Blackburn. The event, which took place on Wednesday the 26th June, saw an impressive turnout with around 150 people in attendance. The gathering was a testament to the strong sense of community and support that Roots has fostered over the past two years.

The day was filled with joyous activities, engaging discussions, and a warm atmosphere that brought together people from various walks of life. Attendees enjoyed a variety of programs and had the opportunity to connect with one another, share their stories, and celebrate the achievements of the Roots Community Forum.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who joined in the festivities. Your presence and support were invaluable in making the day a resounding success. Special thanks are due to the incredible Roots Community staff and volunteers, whose dedication and hard work were instrumental in organising this memorable event. Their efforts ensured that everything ran smoothly and that all participants had a fantastic experience.

Looking ahead, the Roots Community Forum is excited to announce it’s next gathering, which will be held on Wednesday, the 31st of July. We invite everyone to join us for another opportunity to engage, learn, and grow together as a community.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for what promises to be another enriching event with the Roots Community Forum. Together, we continue to build a stronger, more connected community.