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On Friday, the 12th of January, the North staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries embarked on an exciting journey with Bees Adventures over in the Lake District. The day unfolded with a range of activities aimed at improving everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The highlight of the day was a strenuous hike that took participants through the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District. The challenging hike not only provided an opportunity for adventure but also contributed to the improvement of physical fitness and mental resilience. The experience allowed everyone to get out in the outdoors.

Feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive, with one individual expressing their satisfaction, stating, “Good interaction and exercise; I feel so much happier in myself, excited for the next adventure.” This shows a positive impact of outdoor activities.

Big thank you to Bees Adventures for allowing us to participate in yet another remarkable day of exploration and wellness. Well done team North!