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Over the past 5 weeks; many volunteers from Red Rose Recovery have been working on a painting project, helping a local community in Thorncross, Thorton-Cleavleys.

The project was finished last week and Chefs Catering kindly donated a beautiful buffet. The local community all came out and enjoyed the food. Such a great way to end the noble cause and show case the hard work that the volunteers put into the project. It is also a great way to help the local community and also build partnership between Greater Places, Chefs Catering and Red Rose Recovery.

To all the volunteers that took part on this project; thank you so much. Without your help, projects like this cannot take place.

Thank you Chefs Catering for donating a lovely buffet. Such a great way to end the project.

Catherine and Aateeka, thank you for bringing Red Rose Recovery in on this project. We are looking forward to working again with yourselves in the near future.