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On Wednesday, June 26th, Roots Community Forum will be celebrating its second anniversary at St Luke’s & Philip’s Church, located at Bank Top, Blackburn, BB2 1TA. This milestone event marks two years of dedicated service, community building, and support for individuals in recovery.

The celebration will be a full-day affair, featuring a diverse program designed to both inform and inspire attendees. Various organizations will be present to give talks, sharing valuable insights and resources available to the community. Additionally, the event will showcase several inspirational life stories, offering a glimpse into what life in recovery looks like for some of the forum’s members. These personal accounts are expected to highlight the transformative power of support and perseverance.

To further celebrate this momentous occasion, a free buffet lunch will be provided, offering a variety of delicious options for all guests. This communal meal aims to foster a sense of unity and togetherness among attendees. Following lunch, there will be a few games of bingo, adding a fun and engaging element to the day’s activities.

The Roots Community Forum has been a beacon of hope and support in Blackburn, bringing together individuals and families affected by addiction and providing them with the necessary tools and support to rebuild their lives. This anniversary event is not just a celebration of the forum’s achievements, but also a tribute to the resilience and strength of its members and the broader community that has supported it.

Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities and celebrate the spirit of community and recovery that Roots embodies. The event promises to be an uplifting and memorable day for all who attend. Save the date!