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January’s Roots Community Forum, hosted at St Joseph’s Church in Darwen, saw another impressive turnout, with attendees eager to engage in discussions and activities aimed at community support and well-being.

The event featured compelling personal testimonies from two individuals who shared their transformative journeys from addiction to promising futures. Local service providers also participated, offering valuable information about the resources and assistance they offer to the community. Representatives from community asset funds were available to provide guidance on accessing grassroots funding opportunities.

The forum’s expert panel delivered insightful presentations, emphasizing the importance of the “5 Ways to Well-being” in the recovery process. Attendees were also treated to an interactive quiz, adding an element of fun and engagement to the proceedings, with prizes for the winners.

Among the additional services present were the 180 Project, Brook Sexual Health, and Red Rose Recovery LUF, each hosting informative stalls. The event’s buffet-style dinner was a hit, providing attendees with nourishment and an opportunity to network and socialize.

A highlight of the evening was the recognition of Rolonde Bradshaw, who was awarded Platinum Wings by Emma for his contributions to the forum. The event concluded with a Feedback Raffle, offering attendees the chance to win delectable treats and providing valuable insights for future gatherings.

The January Roots Community Forum exemplified the power of collaboration and community engagement in fostering positive change and support networks for individuals on their journey to recovery and well-being.