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This year’s edition of LUF Stock, the annual campout organized by LUF, made a triumphant return, bringing with it not only a vibrant atmosphere but also favorable weather conditions. A total of 56 participants, including both children and dogs, congregated at Charity Farm Wigan to immerse themselves in a weekend of camping, games, camaraderie, and celebration.

The event kicked off as attendees began arriving on a Wednesday, all eager to set up their campsite. Red Rose Staff played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth setup, assisting in erecting tents and arranging the communal area. One of the unique aspects of LUF Stock is its heavy subsidization, both by Red Rose and various sponsors. This financial support extends the opportunity to numerous individuals and families, enabling them to partake in a secure and alcohol-free environment, regardless of their economic challenges.

During the camp, Red Rose staff also took charge of preparing meals and keeping the refreshments flowing. As the day transitioned into evening, an impromptu singsong and enchanting stargazing session unfolded around the campfire, complemented by the delight of toasted marshmallows.

Thursday dawned with radiant sunshine, setting the stage for a day filled with outdoor activities. After savouring bacon butties and applying sunscreen, participants divided into groups, some soaking up the sun, others embarking on walks, and yet others engaging in spirited football matches. For both children and adults, the afternoon brought joy through face painting and henna tattoos. The competitive spirit soared during the quiz time, leading to the distribution of well-deserved prizes.

The North team introduced a ‘Subway-esque’ wrap station, adding a culinary twist to the camp’s offerings, and soon the air was filled with the sound of karaoke performances. As the afternoon progressed, an array of games took center stage, offering opportunities for participants to triumph in bingo, skittles, and pass the parcel contests. As evening descended, the camp atmosphere mellowed with a convivial BBQ and campfire, fostering the formation of new friendships and an atmosphere of understanding and camaraderie.

Conversations flowed freely into the night, accompanied by heartfelt goodbyes the following morning. In retrospect, the camp marked an unequivocal success, underscoring the potency of human connection. It united a diverse community, encompassing individuals from various walks of life and backgrounds. A heartfelt expression of gratitude is extended to the event’s sponsors, the dedicated Red Rose Staff, and all attendees who collectively contributed to crafting an event that radiated the spirit of recovery and resilience.