LEadership Programme

What is the LEadership programme?

Developing people to become leaders in their community to give back, address stigma and connect people in recovery through projects developed within an asset based approach.

The Leadership Programme is aimed at members of Red Rose Recovery; experts through experience of a range of issues including the criminal justice system, substance misuse and mental health issues.

Access to the programme will be subject to identification of the potential participant’s personal assets, commitment to change and personal development.

Red Rose Recovery Leaders who have embraced behaviour change generally thrive when exposed to positive influences in the community and following development plans created with them around their needs, abilities and aspirations. Many progress through learning, volunteering and community activation into employment with ourselves and onward.

The course will provide a programme of learning to build on the assets of potential leaders with experience of the criminal justice system.

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have really enjoyed taking part in the leadership course. I found it very beneficial in the sense of getting to support someone who needed support and was confident but needed reassurance. These sessions helped my mentee to obtain a grasp of financial applications and interpersonal skills. My mentee had a professional career for a long time and these sessions helped him to re-adapt into the working world. These sessions have helped me to speak to my mentee on a one to one basis and gain valuable experience of life. Knowing that different cultures and beliefs do not make a difference to the struggles we have in life, with my mentee I have gained a lot of knowledge and a valuable friend. My mentee was keen to learn and was always ready and waiting for the sessions.

Leadership Coach, 2021

The Remote sessions were SO much FUN! Everyone is so friendly kind and respectful. The whole project was super exciting and was delivered with high quality.

The Red Rose Recovery Project helped me a lot as a mentor and as an individual. I wanted to help and make a difference. I thought it would be challenging due to Covid-19 however I was supported and guiding through each process. I was a mentor for a lovely individual who was a service participant. I supported him throughout the 12 week project in the course and 3 levels he has now successfully achieved.

Red Rose created a capacity for everyone to achieve goals and learn whilst having mass amounts of fun. Red rose ensured the programme was delivered with high quality sessions. The facilitators and project managers made everything easy to understand and easy to enjoy from start to finish! This made Red Rose the Pleasure it is to be part of.

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have found the course very enjoyable! I have learnt so much from the experience and it has been so beneficial to me.  It has give me an insight into the journey of a recovering addict and ways in which I can support them.

The course was really good and Tracey also really enjoyed it. My coachee has been amazing! She did not need as much support as what maybe some of the other members did but through our chats I found her inspirational and could not have asked for a better participant. My coachee is very disciplined and is using her experience and transferrable skills to volunteer to help others who have found themselves in similar situations which is amazing!

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me and I would love to participate in the next tranch if you need more mentors.


Leadership Coach, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a coach so far. In this cohort I have managed to build a fantastic rapport with my coachee and feel that I have really supported her through the course. I have got to know my coachee on a good level, and I have been able to use my own personal experiences in life to assist her with the difficult time that she has been experiencing in her personal life.

From my first meeting with my coachee, I have seen a dramatic change in her out look on life and have seen her go from strength to strength gaining more confidence as each week progresses. I can see the impact that Red Rose recovery has had on her life and she should be so proud of her achievements. Gaining employment with Red Rose I feel has been a massive turning point in her journey and I would say that It has been a massive privilege to get to work with my coachee in this cohort.

Not only has the course been good for the participants but I feel it has also been a fantastic development opportunity for the coaches too. I hope to remain as a coach for any future cohorts and would love to keep in touch with my coachee once we have finished this current cohort to see her continue to blossom as she gains more confidence due to her achievements.

Leadership Coach, 2021

I signed up for the leadership program with the idea that I could help someone progress through a challenging time and support them in getting ready to get back in to work. What I didn’t expect was that I would gain friends, that I would learn something about myself, as well as learn about the struggles that people face due to addiction.

I got so much out of this course and it’s given me the confidence to progress in my own career as well as giving me the belief that I can achieve anything. The people on the course were inspirational and a pleasure to work with. I have every faith that they will succeed in whatever they put their minds to. They’ve already overcome so much that I believe that they could do anything, if they set their minds to it! The resilience & determination they’ve shown is amazing and they should all be really proud of how far they’ve come in such a short time.

Leadership Coach, 2021

I have found being part of the leadership program an invaluable experience. It is truly heart-warming to see that such a place exists, and it has been wonderful to have a glimpse of the Red Rose Project and how it operates. Being a coach has been very rewarding for me and it has been really inspiring to watch the participants grow in confidence and knowledge. I feel that some of the topics and conversations we have had, have not only helped the participants, but have also helped me to look at myself as an individual, highlighting what skills I have and of course my weaknesses. I am now exploring the possibilities of moving to a career which would enable me to support and work with vulnerable people.

In relation to my participant, he has really demonstrated great commitment to the program and has always made himself available for our catch-up chats. The difference in him from start to finish of the course has been fantastic. He has grown in confidence and has much more belief in himself. I truly wish great things to come for him. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside him.

Leadership Participant, 2021

This course has been a journey for me as I was a manager in one of my previous roles and due to alcohol abuse and a diagnosis with mental health, anxiety and depression I gave up on myself and could no longer cope. I also had lost confidence in every aspect of my working life and honestly thought I was useless to the world.

The course was delivered at just the pace I needed it to be in order to grow my confidence and self-esteem and to be honest, I was scared of failure at first but then the work coach came into it and this assured me I was not alone and would be given all the help information and guidance I needed and this was greatly important to my progress.

I gained so much knowledge in this course about myself and others around me in a working environment and how in order to succeed in life you have to integrate your skill set with others.

I gained confidence in myself over the course of the program that now I believe I can do anything I put my mind to and there are resources and people out there in order to help me along the way.

Now I am certain that whatever job role I decide to take one in the future I can do better than before as this program showed and gave me confidence in the skills that I already had but never had the mindset to realize them, and then showed me a way in improving my skillset.

I learned small very important things that gave me confidence in life such as one day I could get a mortgage what to me sounded ludicrous as I had to be hospitalized but has given me confidence in the financial sector, in that I can ask for help in the work place at any time, I can write a CV to apply for jobs as at the age 43, I still to this day have never had to write one and wouldn’t of knows where to start.

Let me tell you what this has done for me I was a man who had given up on ever achieving anything in life. I knew what I wanted to do but had given up trying as I thought it was never achievable. Now I am confident, full of purpose and ready to face the world again, as now I know I need the world and it needs me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart you have truly changed my life.

Delivered in partnership with HMRC, Barclays and the Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, the Leadership programme allows participants to gain professional development and improve their life skills over a 12 week course, delivered over 3 modules.

Participants will develop skills for employability such as CV Writing, Communication & IT and Interview Preparation whilst also developing their ability to become effective leaders in the community though learning about Motivation, Team Performance, Problem Solving and Situational Leadership.

The objective will be to skill individuals who are already engaged in our community activities and have shown aptitude in facilitating these activities through a programme will provide support and supervision in the following areas:

SESSION ONE - Boundaries & Safeguarding

SESSION TWO - Learning styles and Confidence

 SESSION THREE - Motivation

SESSION FOUR - Communication and Basic IT

SESSION FIVE - Team performance & Problem Solving

SESSION SIX - Situational leadership & Motivation

SESSION SEVEN - Intermediate IT


SESSION NINE - Emotional Intelligence

SESSION TEN - Application Forms

SESSION ELEVEN - Interview Preparation



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