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North Yorkshire Connected Space, driven by Red Rose Recovery’s extensive expertise as a Lived Experience Recovery Organisation, aims to create an independent identity across North Yorkshire. In the short term, we will prioritise trauma-informed approaches and have already began actively identifying or establishing spaces that empower individuals with co-occurring challenges, such as mental health issues, substance misuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and involvement in the criminal justice system.

Through co-production and community development principles, we will begin to educate community members about their rights and responsibilities, fostering connections with service providers and local groups. This effort includes the development of roles for Community Connectors, Navigators, and Pathfinders who will facilitate the North Yorkshire Connected Spaces Recovery Forum and identify and empower emerging leaders.

In the medium term, the focus begins to shifts towards power-sharing and decision-making opportunities, creating a neutral space for collaboration between service providers and service users.

Training programs and community initiatives are planned to connect existing resources, and volunteer roles will bridge communication between the independent Recovery forum and relevant boards. This setup promotes agile and flexible governance, enabling quick mobilisation.

Over the long term, Red Rose Recovery envisions collaborative approaches and partnership arrangements that build on their successful models in Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwin. These models, which involve peer-led support and community activities, are designed to improve mental and physical well-being. The goal is to replicate these initiatives in North Yorkshire, fostering person-centred practices for individuals facing complex and multiple challenges, including co-occurring mental health and substance misuse issues.

Through these efforts, North Yorkshire Connected Space seeks to empower individuals, reduce stigma, and enhance community well-being.