Hope & Beyond

What is the Hope & Beyond Programme?

Our Lancashire Hope & Beyond virtual peer led support programme, in partnership with MIND & Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria, was designed and developed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It focuses on improving mental health and wellbeing, promoting community based virtual connections.

Not only do participants have the option to join in on digital support and groups but will also be able to access 1:1 telephone support as part of the programme.

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I found the course really good and it certainly helped me through a troubled time and it has given me knowledge and understanding to make me a better person in the future.

Hope & Beyond, 2021

Amongst bills and demands for payment was a certificate from the Hope and Beyond programme which gave me a real lift. Thank you.

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I would like to say a big thank you, for putting me forward for this course.

It has helped me identify my emotions. I am new in my recovery and I used my addiction to suppress my feelings. Doing the course help me identify between thinking and feeling, which has helped me understand ways to overcome and work through them.

It has also helped to identify areas in my life that could be improved… thank you.

Hope & Beyond, 2021

I attended the hope and beyond course because I was struggling with my mental wellbeing and it was suggested to me that it may help. To be honest, I wasn’t holding much hope.

We as a group very slowly over a few weeks worked on thoughts emotions and behaviours, and I am going to be honest again that suffering with mental health problems started to take me back to CBT cognitive behavioural therapy and I thought here we go again this rubbish as I have had many sessions with professional people using CBT and I honestly didn’t get it and thought it was useless in my situation.

I completed the course with a better understanding of my disorder than ever before, I understand my thoughts how to manage feelings and I have defiantly worked on my behaviours.

The team taking this program were patient and understanding and kept the whole group involved and this gave me the time I needed that I had never had before to learn and understand CBT and how that everyone in the group had different thoughts feeling and behaviours around the same subject, this was a big turning point as I now know that I can change everything and that my feelings around things are not set in stone I created them so I can change them.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to do this hope and beyond and hopefully my feedback will make any professionals realize that now for me this all makes sense and I very easy to grasp but it wasn’t always like that a brain in low mood struggles with taking in information and mine was no different. But this was done in a way that I could relax and take time to take in what was being explained to me.

I would say I wish I had done this 20 years ago but that thought would create a feeling I don’t need so this course has taught me to say I am very grateful I had the chance to do this program.

Next Steps...

You can refer yourself or someone you work with to us through the website by clicking here: www.redroserecovery.org.uk/referrals

For more information on the program, please contact us by clicking here.